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Choosing the right learning center is an important first step when you want to reinforce your understanding of a specific subject. At Piscataway South Eye Level Learning Center, our instructors are here to improve your overall comprehension, and we welcome students of every age and expertise. We'll do what it takes to accommodate your needs, and our staff are ready to consult with you about your goals.

We're proud of the reputation we've developed at Piscataway, and our instructors are committed to helping you succeed. Our attention to detail sets us apart, and we'll make sure you're comfortable with a specific subject before moving forward. Let us show you how rewarding our self-directed learning program can be. We can assist with Math and English, and our instructors are dedicated to client satisfaction.

 We'll quickly respond to your requests, and our knowledgeable instructors will be by your side each step of the way. Don't wait another day to become more confident about your Math and English skills. To hear more about our learning program and schedule your initial consultation, call today!




Eye Level at Piscataway NJ is an amazing after school program provided where my son have developed the four fundamental skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. My son is in this program for almost 2 years and I have definitely seen a great progress in his academics. Basic foundation along with discipline and self learning capacity is very important as it aids in learning other subjects as well. My son was struggling with comprehension and especially writing and once enrolled in to this program I could see the difference in my son’s reading and writing skills. He tried to comprehend lot of things and develop basic writing skills that previously was a struggle for him .This was made possible only with the great help and support of the wonderful teachers at the center who really put in lot of effort to help my son to understand and re-do it until he does not master it. They do not rush with the work and makes the work fun , slow and gradually and steadily help the child to understand and then only moves to the next level. The teachers are highly qualified, have ability to teach and make the kids learn with confidence, power to think and master the concepts. All the honor and appreciation goes to a wonderful person that I am very thankful to Jaya the Director of the Eye Level center at South Piscataway, NJ for she is an amazing personality that I have seen in my life. Teaching is her passion, dream and here she is to fulfill it whole heartedly with so much of love for children and truly achieve a great sense of honor and appreciation for her workmanship. I am very happy to be the part of this academic center and glad and thankful that my son’s future is bright and clear. Jaya has creativity and knowledge and always willing to help with lots of resources. She is a wonderful person who knows the value of education and that she makes it a point to give right suggestion with the right decision that is really very helpful and beneficial for the child to excel in his life. It is a great relief to the parents who get the assurance of the progress of their children.
--Shilpa Shah M/o Devam Shah

Every child needs a good education system, a logical approach and handful support of good caring teachers. I feel delighted to have all that for my little five years old boy. I’m happy that I took a decision to enrol Aradhya for Math and English enrichment classes at Eye level, Piscataway. I feel the approach of program is very subjective and give directions to learn, read and write independently. In matter of few months, I have seen commendable changes in my home schooler who is all set for Kindergarten in year 2015. I thank Mrs Jaya and her staff for building a better base for my child education and standing up for all assistance which are required by kids and their parents.
--Suruchi Kapoor A satisfied mom of Aradhya Kapoor

We are so happy and grateful that our Daughter 11 and Son 9 are going to Eye Level at Piscataway, NJ. Eye Level emphasizes on problem solving, critical thinking, analytical skills, and life-long learning. Great Materials on homework and lessons. Excellent teachers with great one on one time. Clean location, safe and very strategic. The approach applied in Eye Level is systematic and clear. The owners are very accommodating & personable. They give you updates and follow-ups on your kid's progress. I recommend Eye level to everyone who truly wants their kid’s SUCCESS!
--Bindiya & Hansal Desai P/o Devarshi and Aarav Desai

Jaya is a pleasure to work with, extremely knowledgeable about her students (including names, progress etc), patiently works with the parents on schedules and adjusts the pace per the students capabilities. She is prompt, transparent and upfront in her approach. That gives me confidence as a parent that my child is in the right place. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family.
--Kamal Sharma M/o Om Sharma

Dear Ms. Jayashri, Thank you for being an excellent educator & Thank you for helping to make Math’s and Language such a positive experience for Ananya and Yash (Math’s). With all of your patience, creativity, motivation and love, both Yash and Ananya have achieved a lot. We appreciate your time, patience and ability of your dedicated teachers to make a dry subject interesting. You and all your teaching staff have made a great difference for both of our children. Because you care so much about them, they started to trust themselves which is their biggest achievement. Under your guidance, Ananya won the “Rising Star Contest” with first position. She was all proud and excited and so do we as parents. You helped both Ananya and Yash get organized, motivated, and above all, interested in learning, which is no small feat. The whole family thanks you! With sincerest appreciation,
--Priti Pandey M/o Yash and Ananya Pandey

After making some comparisons with a variety of enrichment programs offered in the market, we were attracted with the approach and methods by Eye Level, which emphasizes on problem solving, reading and writing skills, critical thinking and life-long learning. When We met Jayashri we were so impressed with the knowledge that she shared, ability to understand my son's capability and she paid undivided attention to him and made us understand the methods what they follow and how to go about his teaching approach , personally I was so much satisfied and content and had very feel-good-factor after meeting her, she is such a bundle of Energy and her level of enthusiasm has never deteriorated since the day I have seen, she is the one who can instil motivation and self-confidence to her students and also she takes very PERSONAL attention to each of her students , she is someone whom I look upon very HIGHLY, I get inspired by her and that is the reason I chose Piscataway Eye level centre We are so happy and grateful that we have send my son, Aditya Naren, 6years old to join Eye Level @ Piscataway, recognizing the importance of reading, writing, critical and analytical thinking skills to every child, especially those who has started schooling, we realize the importance of sending our son to the enrichment program. Now after 6 months of joining Eye Level English and Math our son has a solid foundation in BOTH and at the same time able to develop his reading and writing skills, critical thinking and analytical skills. Apart of that, Eye Level also has helped our son to gain his self-confidence and become more discipline. He is also able to manage his time wisely and diligently will complete the homework provided accordingly, not just the Eye Level worksheet but also his elementary school homework. The approach applied in Eye Level Math is systematic and clear, thus we as parents are able to help our son in his studies with ease. Indeed it also benefited us too because it has sharpen our skills in the exactness and speed of maths calculation and English reading and writing skills. We want to thank Eye Level and teachers especially Mr Dhwani and Miss Kathy and definitely we will highly recommend this program to all our friends who interested to equip their children with the high quality enrichment courses.
--Sangeetha Naren M/O Aditya Naren

I am one of the parents who wants to tell you about how glad I am to put my kids at Eye Level, it's remarkable, how the kids come home from school now holding report cards with wonderful grades. Their teachers say even how the missing space from last year is now filled with knowledge filling the gap that has stopped my kids from using their inner potential. When I first enrolled them at the centre I thought it would be like any other centre, but I was wrong. The kids seemed to have better results on their tests that they got from school. In all of my honest opinion this centre is a completely useful tool that allows you to use your brain in order to strengthen your minds. Now I am one hundred and ten percent sure of their bright future.
--Upasna Sharma M/o Rajit Sharma, Reema Sharma and Isha Sharma

The eye level of Piscataway has given my child an amazing support in her academics. The staff is very patient. They don't pressurize the child too much. They want them to learn the right way. My daughter has gained a lot of confidence in class work because eyelevel made her advance in math and reading. The teachers give one on one attention to every child. They are very accommodating to each and every child's needs. The center director is just awesome. Mrs. Jaya is a very compassionate person. Her dedication to look after each and every child's progress is commendable !! Thank you to each and every member of this wonderful team which helps my child in her concepts and staying ahead of her class.
--Akanksha Jain M/o Tvisha Jain

The Piscataway Eye Level is the true essence of what education is all about. Jaya and all the teachers really do see things from their students' eye level. Rishi has made leaps and bounds in the time he has been here and I have no words to express my gratitude towards them. Jaya is personally involved in every child's development and her amazing team of teachers are one of a kind. I am completely indebted to them for tapping into Rishi's potential and bringing the best out of him.
--Uvi Jivani M/o Rishi Jivani


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